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The F word

Family is the ultimate "F" word...here are my people ^*^



Vickie!  Mom has got to be the most motivational person in my life.....wether she means to be or not. I love my mother to death. We tried to miserably tolerate each other in my oh so smooth transition years from little kid to the adult that everyone still treats like a little kid (i'm the youngest after all...heaven forbid they should let go) She's HATES martha stewart, but has been knitting me the same pink kitten sweater since kindergarten..I think the good will has it now.  She's a nurse, and nurses are BRUTAL when you're sick.  Trust me.



Stan the man...the best babysitter in the world.  Four wheelers with no helmets, playing on the roof, and one golden rule: "dont cry and don't tell your mother"
He's retired now and goes to disneyland something ridiculous like 2 times a year or whenever something new opens up.  He's lost his mind.

Here are my two older sisters Joanna and Renee. We pretty much spent our childhood plotting ways to exterminate the other competition in the household (ie. each other) or causing trouble. We used to play "rug beat" (i suppose it was supposed to be rugby, but hey, we were young). I hated that game. I always had to be the rug.
John is married to Renee, and he's crazy. They now have a son, Jackson. 
There goes the neighborhood.

Then of course, there are my grandparents, Lloyd and Joy. Grandpa is trouble, always landing himself in the ER for some project gone ghastly awry. Grandma does her own thing....I don't really know what she does with her time.....all I heard about was going to her weekly "stich and bitch". I think that has something to do with quilting.
But I love them both and that's all that matters :)